Italian pianist and composer Stefano Penzo was born in February 1984.

He grew up in Chioggia, an island in the Venetian Lagoon bordering the Adriatic Sea. The seascape left its indelible mark on his soul and on his works. 

He studied piano at the Italian conservatory of Adria, where he graduated in 2006 under Federica Righini. In 2008 he moved to Vienna, where he is still living today. He graduated in music composition (major in composition for the media), music theory and instrumental education at the university of music and performing arts Vienna (mdw).

He teaches piano at the university of music and performing arts Vienna (mdw) and at the music school of the city of Vienna (Musikschule Wien).

As a composer, he has been influenced by different styles, such as classical music, avant-garde, jazz, pop and world music. He writes pieces for piano, other solo instruments, different ensembles and soundtracks.

As a pianist, he has been performing on various stages and halls. His concerts often mix different influences: classical works, soundtracks, jazz and own pieces, following each time a main theme.

He writes poems which are quite alike his musical compositions. The specific sound of words, their associative power and rhythm play a central role in the creative process, evoking moods and mental pictures populated by symbols.